Product Description

Hurricane Single Banner Adjustable Pole Rod w/canted arm

Mount and hang banners on street light poles, city poles, parking lot poles where you need two banners hanging (one on each side) on each pole.

Hurricane Adjustable Pole Banner Double Kit This state-of-the-art system is designed to withstand the elements. Adjustable Fiberglass Pole Banner brackets come with a 10 year prorated warranty. The base is made from rust free cast aluminum with fiberglass arms. The fiberglass arms will flex in strong winds, transferring some of the wind load off the banner. The arm is also canted for added wind resistance. Unique base design will fit square, round, or multi-sided poles. The bracket is designed to be adjustable for fitting and arms can be replaced without removing banding. To adjust your banner all you need is a standard allen wrench set.

We also offer standard duty aluminum pole banner kits, heavy duty aluminum, fiberglass pole banner kits, spring pole banner kitsand Hurricane pole banner kitsso be sure to see all your choices to make the right decision for your particular Boulevard Bracket Pole banner mounting and hanging needs.

This item sold at most sign and graphics supply, banner supply and WIDE-FORMAT digital print suppliers.

Part# Description
HD31 Hurricane Double Banner Adjustable Pole Kit; includes Four Brackets, Four adjustable canted arms with 31” exposed fiberglass rods and Four 9/16” screw gear bands. Fiberglass arms can be cut to desired size

PBPH31 Hurricane Single Banner Adjustable Pole Rod with canted arm (Slides into Hurricane base plate)
PBPHB Hurricane Single Banner Adjustable Pole Base Plate

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 36 x 4 x 4 in